Magento Performance Optimization Service

Leverage latest Magento & keep your store up-to-date

Magento Performance Optimization Service helps improving website performance to provide better shopping experience and boost website usability.

In order to provide better user experience and rank high in Google SERPs, Magento stores need to be optimized for better performance. Website load time or speed is the vital factor Google considers in its algorithm. If your website is loading in more than 2 seconds, you are out of the race in Google SERPs. Magento Performance Optimization Service from 2ndfuse offers the best performance optimization that leads to fabulous store performance providing better user experience and site usability.

Magento Performance Optimization Service from 2ndfuse includes:

  • Web server checks: Configuration check, vulnerability check and fine tuning for your web servers.
  • Database Optimization: proper database configuration, read-write database separation.
  • Media Optimization: Image, content and other data optimization to improve performance.
  • CSS and JavaScript: Proper CSS configuration and theme architecture checks.
  • Caching: Fine tuning caching systems.
  • Magento code optimization: Optimization of default and other Magento core coding