SEO Services


Organic search is actually responsible for 64% of your web traffic, compared to Direct Traffic (12%), Referral (15%), Paid (6%) and Social 2(%), according to an indepth study by Conductor. Therefore if your company does not rank in top 10 on the major search engines for your targeted keywords then you’re losing money to your competition every single day.

That is not all! Optimizing your website with strategic search engine marketing to get in the top 10 results of search engines is only half the battle won. Your search engine optimized content needs to be not only keyword-rich but also compelling enough to convert the visitor into a qualified lead.


Web Analysis

Complete SEO audit and health check by experienced search engine optimization consultants and professional tools

Keywords Research

Appropriate keyword phrases that will produce the greatest ROI for your business, highly relevant to your business

Competition Analysis

Analyze the sites of your competitors – scrutinizing inter alia their back links, SEO strategies, keywords optimization in the content.

Tracking of Results and Ranking Position Maintenance

With Keyword Reports, Quality Link Building & Monthly Maintenance reports, Search Engine Ranking Reports and Traffic Reports we keep you informed regularly on your site’s progress with the search engines.

On Page Optimization/Content Development

We make use of proper strategies for search engine optimization – preparing a navigation structure based on keywords, strategically placing keywords in the page content as well as in the Meta Tags (Title, key words and description, and alt tags), using latent semantic indexing (fair use of other terms and phrases related key words) in the copy and interlinking the web pages.

Source Code Optimization

We follow internationally accepted (W3C) coding standards to make your web pages ‘crawler’ friendly so that they are easily indexed by search engine spiders.


Increased Targeted Traffic

Targeted keywords through professional seo services and social media marketing exponentially increases the number of visitors who are actively searching for your service or product.

Promotion that Doesn’t Sleep

You reach out to your customers or target audience 24/7

Better Brand Visibility

An appropriate search engine optimization strategy can do wonders in branding and positioning your product/services firmly in the line of vision of your target audience.

High ROI – Our SEO

Optimization services ensure a higher ROI through increased sales of your product or service.


Observing basic search engine optimization guidelines usually ensure a more pleasant user experience.